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Kitchen Remodeling

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services in Fort Collins, CO

ASK Construction and Remodeling has more than two decades of experience providing professional kitchen remodeling services to homeowners in Fort Collins, CO, and the surrounding area.

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How long has it been since you started dreaming of the kitchen remodeling you are finally planning? Most homeowners dream of customizing their cooking space either separately or as part of a bigger interior remodeling project. However, when they finally get to it, their years-long dream turns into a nightmare. 

There are many variables involved and many tough decisions to make. You can take your chances and risk to miss important details or hire professional kitchen remodeling services like those provided by ASK Construction and Remodeling. Our specialists know how to turn custom kitchen remodeling visions into reality and prevent expenses from getting out of control. 

Why Choose Us as Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors?

We are among the most experienced and best-reputed kitchen remodeling contractors in Fort Collins. Our team can handle all the steps of your project, including all of the following and more:

  • Dismantling - Taking down the old furniture, flooring, fixtures, etc.
  • Adding drywall - Drywall can be used on walls and ceilings but also for standalone partitions
  • Painting - Changing or updating the color of the walls, furniture, window frames, etc. 
  • Installing Flooring and Baseboards - Ensuring a perfectly level support surface and proper installation of the chosen flooring solutions
  • Installing Countertops - They may need cutting, fixation, sealing, etc.
  • Applying Backsplash - Again, cutting, fixation, and sealing may be needed
  • Appliances and Hardware Installations - setting up and connecting your sink and dishwasher to the water supply, connecting the cooking machine to the gas network or power grid, etc.
  • Finishing touches - taking care of small issues and details to make sure your new kitchen looks best

For all these operations and more, you cannot go wrong working with our kitchen remodeling contractors. 

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Online searches for “kitchen remodeling contractors near me” can be helpful but they are surely not reliable. Entrust your project to reputed and dedicated experts who know how to turn your vision into reality. 

You’ll find the best in Fort Collins, CO, at ASK Construction and Remodeling. Call us at (970) 581-7782 to learn about kitchen remodeling cost and get some expert advice.

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Joy Jenkins

Epic brings a level of professionalism that is refreshing when working on a stressful project. They first worked for me over 4 years ago and again recently. I couldn't be happier.

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Thank you for fixing my sunroom. I appreciate the work everyone did. Thanks This is all I have to say about my response. I do not wish to make my response any longer. Thanks

Amy and Chase

Ask Construction Remodeling was an absolute pleasure to work with. Every step of the design and building process they were available for our comments or concerns. The project turned out better than we ever imagined and we would...

Lorie Easlick

Knowledgeable, professional and reasonable rates.

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